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spoofed in attachedmumsuk

Does anyone know whether I have the right to opt my son out of the early years foundation stage? I know care providers can apply for an exemption, but not whether parents can say that they don't want their children involved in this bullshit curriculum. The whole thing makes me feel ill: my son is two years old and all I want from his nursery at this point in time is that he's kept safe, happy and entertained. I honestly think the EYFS will be harmful to children, and I wondered what my options were.

ETA- one of many available articles should anyone not be sure what I'm on about!


You can't choose what the Nursery provides, you can only decide not to send them.

However, you can find Nurseries that are taking a toally minimalist approach to the curriculum, and delivering it entirely through play. The one we're using, under the 3 years scheme so we don't pay for it, is using only play, and has had a 'Good' in Ofsted last month.

So I'd start searching. They do exist, but you have to look. The plus side, is they don't usually have a waiting list, as the pushy parents go for the 'sitting at desks in school uniform' type. The one actually next door to us, is so anal, the staff wear the school uniform too. :-(

And you are right, it is damaging to kids, and the academic search proves it. It's madness. We're taking ours out at 5, and home schooling (unschooling).

I'm a teacher, I should know! :-)

Thank you:)

I love the staff at Josef's nursery- they don't seem keen on the EYFS at all, and are very much into play and fun, so with any luck they will limit the impact as much as possible. I would just have loved to be able to give them a written "do not do these things with my son" list which they could have waved in Ofsted's face...
I know, but if you think about it... you'd get paretns writing in saying do not give my daughter English, and I don't want them having algebra as I hated it, and they won't be doing detentions.. and you'd also get letter saying .. I hit my kids at home, and I want you to hit them in class...

So you have to accept you take on a 'package'. And that's why mine won't be going, as I can't opt him out of SATS!

I don't even want mine doing homework, and any head would say "You came to thisschooling knowing how we worked, so that isn't acceptable..." (Homework is useless for learning, it's just to make adults feel they are being pro-active. And most parents are so pro-active, they do the homework!)