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charlie_em in attachedmumsuk


GMTV have a survey on their website asking if women should breast feed their babies beyond the age of two. The purpose of the survey is unsure, but give that its GMTV you can be pretty sure it will be used for some kind of sensationalist article on their show at a later date.

When I was first made aware of this survey the results were 82% of people say no. Since then it has changed and is now 61% say no and the rest say yes, largely I think due to the huge community I belong to that are all up in arms.

Please vote, and if you feel so inclined drop GMTV a line asking why they are asking, and if the results are no, will they be doing an article about what a shame this is with supporting evidence from the WHO etc?

Anyway it's here http://www.gm.tv/ Pink box left side of the page.

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