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Attached Parents UK

UK Attached Parents
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This is a community for Parents in the UK who practices attachment parenting (or whatever YOU like to call it), whether its just one little part of it or whether you fully embrace it. Feel free to talk to other parents about co-sleeping, baby wearing, breast feeding and anything else relevent you can think of.

We don't do militant here. If you don't BF you won't get a hard time, if you don't co-sleep thats fine. Discussion is always welcome but personal attacks are most definitely not. As parents who regularly get flack for the way we do things, we should behave in the way we expect to be treated... with respect!

I've found myself quite isolated in the UK with our parenting choices so thought this community might be a nice idea.


Many thanks to ||Bachir for use of his photograph - if you want to see more of his photography please go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bachir/